Calling Mac Ventura users

Do you have graphic lag on the volume meters, frequency spectrum and the play head when operating channel eq? This behaviour has stated on my system I have only noticed it recently, possibly due to updating to Ventura.

Can anyone else confirm this?


Cubase 12.052 Cubase 11
MacBook Pro M1 Pro .

No issues here with the only difference being I am on an Intel iMac Pro…

Ok thanks

I’ve just tested on an old MacBook intel with Catalina and I have the same problem.

The problem happens when I have a few synths and audio tracks nothing massively heavy. If I operate the channel eq with the nobs or sliders below everything works fine, but if I grab the eq on the frequency line all the graphics that are moving become sluggish and laggy. I maxed the buffering thinking it might be cpu but it makes no difference. Same thing happens in cubase 11 too.

Makes me think this is a cubase mac thing. Do you definitely not get any graphic issues when touching the frequency line.

Apologies - I should have mentioned I am on 12.0.51.
I did have some issues until the last update but been very good for the last few months.

Any one got any ideas what might be causing this?

In the first part of the video you can see me operating the eq on the frequency line. The play cursor then becomes jumpy and meters become laggy etc. At the end I operate with the control knobs and everything works fine.

This is happening on two system Different mac systems on cubase 11 and 12. One Apple silicon the other intel. The cpu meters are fine, buffer size is maxed.

If this isn’t a bug there has to be something on both systems causing this.