Calling VST Live 2 users! Who want's to get in involved in an Artist portrait?

Dear all,

Tell your VST Live 2 story! Steinberg is planning a series of interviews with VST Live 2 users who want to speak about their work & life (pun intended! :wink: ) with VST Live 2.

In a first step, we’re looking for 2 VST Live 2 users who want to be involved in a video interview and in a written interview. For logistical reasons, the video interview (5-7 min) need to be shot in Hamburg Germany at the Steinberg Headquarters (travel compensation granted), the written interview will be coordinated online and worldwide.

If you’re interested in telling your story, please reach out at proaudio(at) and please let us know for which interview you’d be available.

We look forward to hearing from you!



I’m in😉

Many thanks. Can you please get in contact via the email address shown above?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

As much as i would like to help promote this wonderful software, i’m afraid i’m the perfect mr. Nobody … hobbyst bass player with a cover band, a new born project started from the beginning with vst live usage in mind.

We put the software at a very heavy load using it to play many backing tracks, click and cues, lyrics, live instrument directly in a 18in 20out audio interface, including drums with yamaha ead-10, apllying vst effects (eq, compressor, limiters, autotune, chorus, reverb, delay etc) and amps simulations, couple keyboards layers vsti, effects automation, video playback, routing to 4 iem out and 13 single instruments line outs to FOH (we substituted stage splitters, DIs, stage monitor and mixers, all done within vst live)… all working flawlessy at very low latency. We are in the process of adding dmx light programming to the whole show. Here an example of rehersal with vstlive, the audio is directly out of vstlive.

Here the setup very small form factor :crazy_face:

If you think i can be of any use to you, i’m open for the written interview (i live in italy). I think that for 99€ this is a marvellous piece of software that opens up possibiliteas that the average hobbyst players never had before.

Regards, Ciro.


Ciro, I’m Italian too and I was very pleased to read your “humility”…

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Wait…! Firstly, you guys sound great and you definitely are a perfect candidate ‘in my humble opinion’ for telling your VSTLive story/journey more fully, in-depth, to help promote the app, across the world.!! (and beyond… ha.!)

From starting out, to learning the app, building up your songs/setlist etc, to rehearsals and (inevitably) making more tweaks to the configuration/timings/sound editing/layers, etc, etc… finally through to your actual live shows.!

The perfect journey for others to learn from and engage with, all the while utilising the power/flexibility of VSTLive…!

I would hope, if this all doesn’t quite ‘fit’ the immediate role Steinberg are looking for with this latest marketing idea, that somewhere they can see how this is a great example to share your very ‘real-world’ experience… It should absolutely connect with a lot of people. :wink:

(on the other hand, could easily make for a very engaging YouTube video mini-series too, that maybe, Steinberg could consider helping you create/produce - sponsoring the content and supplying ‘official’ SB graphics, promo material, editing tips, inserts, screenshots, animations, etc…)

Anyway, good luck.!

Oh, and did I say… sounds a lot of fun; very good band you have there… :wink:

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Hi @Puma0382 thank you very much for your kind words and your endorsment ! We try to do our best to enjoy playing together and set up a funny show for our future audience. Not easy to find gigs around here but we are trying.

Our first relevant gig in a medium stage will be on 4th of august and you bet we are recording all in multitracks directly on VST Live, and filming.

Meanwhile, i’m approaching the last step in the show programming on VST Live… dmx!! Here my first try commanding lights via the software (sorry for the mess in my basement hehe, and one light fixture is flickering because i still miss dmx terminator, ordered). Thank you again, appreciated!

With lights done, we will have used each and every main feature of the software, as perfect everyday enthusiasts non professionals. Incredible job on this software Steinberg!

Ciao! Ciro.

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Ok… no problem.!

Thanks for the extra little demo of your lighting/progress… Looks like it’s going to work a treat.

The ability to control/stage everything (audio, video and lights) from just a laptop is quite something, for sure… Have fun…

Surely it doesn’t matter how good or bad you think you are - what matters is that you’re using the software and how it works for you.

I’m up for it!