Camera stopped working in VST Connect Pro

I had a little accident while dusting yesterday. One of my USB drives did take a fall and failed. In the incident, some other USB cables got tangled up. When I replugged everything my drive was halting my machine so that is caput, but so is my camera feed in VST Connect Pro and VST Connect Performer. My camera works just fine in Windows and with Connect VST SE inside Cubase as I haven’t used that version on my computer before.

It seems like VST Connect is trying to connect Filterscape 1.5 instead of my Logitech Stream camera. I tried to uninstall/re-install without any luck - same problem.

Any ideas about what settings are wrong and causing this?

From the camera log, it seems on 18.2 it was working, but today it is trying to connect to Filterscape (which is the U-HE plugin I assume?) instead of VST Connect Performer

What is “Video Device” in VST Connect setting )cogwheel) set to?

ahh , now it is working again. I couldn’t pick anything yesterday in the video section. Today it is back to available to choose. I guess I didn’t think too much about it yesterday as VST Connect always worked out of the box on the video side for me, but today easy enough. Got a list of what to see so even learned something new as to what I can send :slight_smile: thanks for pointing me in the correct direction.