[CAN-10904] Major VCA fader bug when saved with VCA all the way down!

If a project is save with a VCA fader all the way down (-endless) on reload the relationship between the VCA and the linked fader is gone and the linked fader moves parallel to the VCA fader! This way you can (will!) loose your valome settings of the linked fader!

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a new project
  • create an audio track (but track type is not important)
  • create a related VCA fader
  • pull down the audi track’s fader to -15 db
  • move the VCA fader all the way up and down: The linked fader works as expected (in this case: moves about half as much as the VCA fader)
  • now move the VCA fader all the way down (-endless)
  • save the project
  • close the project
  • open the project again
  • move the VCA fader:

The linked fader has lost its relation to the VCA fader and moves parallel to the VCA fader. So when the VCA is at 0 db the linked fader is also at 0 db instead of -15 db as it was prior to saving.

If you use VCA for automating fades (to retaining the easy possibility to change the linked chanels volume any time without fiddling with the automation) you can and will loose your volume settings of the linked faders if you - accidently - save the project while the cursor is in an area where the VCA fader is all the way down.

That’s pretty bad…

(tested with Cubase 9.0.10)

After the change of the Issue forum I wonder, how we will ever know, if any moderators even saw a bug report or not. My issue here seems to be not very “popular”, but it is a bug and can be very annoying - although it won’t happen to many users.

So: How do we know if a bug report was noticed?

I have to check but this looks like an issue I’m having in a project!
Nice to see I’m not the only one to use vca faders this way.

Wow! that is pretty bad! I was able to reproduce this(Cubase 9.0.10). Good thing I hardly use VCA faders to ride automation.

Definitely a bug!

Thanks for confirming this!

Send this as a support ticket on MySteinberg instead, those are actually looked at.

Thanks for the hint. I’m doing it right now.

This also happens in Cubase 8.5 which means it was an old bug that was never fixed in 9. They want you to pay to upgrade but don’t fix this kind of major issue? Unbelievable

Ok, that does it.I bought C8 because of VCA faders. Back then we had the silence issue. Now on latest 8.5 I tried VCA after all those time and guess what? All the original faders full on after loading up the project. The controlling VCA does a fade in at the the start, so perhaps I’m hitting this bug…

Would be nice to hear of someone who uses VCA succesfully…

Reproduced in 9.0.30, bug still remains.

I am having the same issue. Fader levels linked to a VCA fader with automation change between closing and reopening projects. I spend 30 minutes getting fader levels back to their original position from screen grabs I do before I close a project. I’m on Cubase 9.03. Steinberg, this needs to be fixed. Again, I might add.

Are you saying they also become wrong even if the VCA fader isn’t set to -inf. dB?

This explains an issue I have been having as well. I thought I was going crazy!

The VCA automation issue is discussed at the Nuendo 7 forum at the following thread:


Why would that be of any interest, the Nuendo implementation of VCA is different.

I’m not convinced it is. What is the difference?

If it gets a bug tracker ID then you know for sure, like this topic. :slight_smile: But it doesn’t always happen.

So [CAN-10904] will say Steinberg is aware of this bug?


Can someone from Steinberg give any indication as to when this issue will be sorted out? I’m doing final mixes for a record and having fader settings change between closing and opening projects is making the process very difficult.

On the Nuendo thread that deals with the same VCA problem, it was suggested that the associated channels must at least at have initial points. Would this apply to Cubase? And secondly, what might initial points be? I’m not entirely clear. Any help would be appreciated. B