[CAN-10904] Major VCA fader Issue still not solved in 9.5.30


That [CAN-10904] Issue is still there on the 9.5.30.

For me it is a very big probleme.

The previous topic has been locked because the bug is known by steinberg. Well… ?? why ?

If a problem persist, do not close the topic.

I have lost many mixs I will never refind and time (stress ++++)

I would like to know when this major issue will be solved thank you.

PS : I can’t understand how it is possible to release a new version of a DAW with a major and easy detectable issue like that ? Don’t you beta test your soft with producer or composer and others before release it ?

Thank you

You and me and others on this forum are the beta-testers it seems. I have a big list with bugs, but im not gonna spend all my time to report it. Too much of a hazzle and if your’e lucky they respond to you after a month. C9 is a great DAW, but so many weird problems.