[CAN-24637] Sampler Track location and backup project

Alongside heavy use of multiple Kontakt tracks and having jumped straight from Cubase 8.5 i have found Sampler tracks to be a new and surprisingly useful feature in my workflow and they have a tiny footprint.

However, there are issues.

I like to keep all samples on dedicated drives. So i made sample tracks with custom audio dragged from a single folder on drive (not in project folder). Also Made track presets from these sampler tracks.
…All good.

  1. In Audio pool the location is shown as the drive and folder from which the samples came

  2. Backup project to new folder.

  3. The pool shows the samples now being located in the backup folder as well as being used in project once for each audio file…

  4. Go go the sample tracks and check the sample location and it shows samples still coming from the sample folder and not the backup.folder, this is what i would hope to expect but this does not correlate with the Pool.

  5. Close the project, go to the backup project audio folder and delete all the samples that have automatically been collected (they are also still on sample drive folder)

6 Open the backup project. Cubase says it cannot find audio files…ignore and open.

  1. Go go audio pool, remove missing files.

  2. All Sampler tracks work fine…with samples coming from sample folder!

This is not very good. Clearly there is an issue with how the sampler track location is stored. I didn’t ask Cubase to copy the files from the sample tracks into the new backup project. They are not even truly connected to the sampler tracks anyway!!!

And,…for Sampler tracks to be truly any good there needs to be some changes in the way it works.

  1. True user sample location control…keep samples wherever you like and don’t have Cubase automatically copy these files to the pool and project folder when backing up! Let that be a user choice.

  2. As stated above, the user choice for the samples to be copied to the pool if backing up a project. If this choice is made then the sampler track file location should be changed within the sample tracks automatically so that the sampler tracks use the new location.

  3. The choice to retain sample settings: fixed pitch/velocity/adsr etc when importing a new sample.

    Again, Steinberg aims high and misses. I sure hope Sample Tracks are not considered a ‘finished’ feature. There is so much potential here but as it stands…half baked

Just received a reply from support regarding this issue. Unfortunately they failed to uderstand the issue and gave reply that was not applicable or relevant.

Here goes again (with supplied screenshots)


When backing up a project (using project backup within Cubase) Cubase copies any samples used in the Sampler Track into the new project folder (which is not desired). The Audio Pool shows the copied sample (in its new location) being used in the project…Which it is NOT!

The screenshots clearly show that after backup the pool shows the file has been copied to the new project location but the sampler track shows the sample coming from the old desired location.

To prove that this is a bug or just plain bad design, you can delete the files from the audio pool and the sampler track will still work fine.

I hope this makes it clear, that there is a problem with design ot it’s just a plain old bug


Isn’t it duplicate of this?


confirmed bug by Steinberg Support 21/08/2019 - CAN-24637

Still not fixed in 10.0.40

Current workaround: In Preferences>Editing>Audio select ‘Copy Files To Working Directory’ in Import Audio. This hopefully ensures any files from within the project are already in the correct place.

I tried it yesterday with 10.5.10 and still not work. Is it possible that it takes so long? It is really important cause we are loosing project backups integrity.
By the way, is anybody has problem with project open window that all the time reseting it to “all file types” and not last
selection like “cubase project file type” only like it was before w. 10.5.?


It has also not been announced as fixed in the Version History.

Hugely frustrating problem for me. Please fix this Steinberg.

Yes, really frustrating when your bass drum is missing after you open an old project from your backup disk…
I cant understand why it is so complex to adress such a little bug…

Can anybody from Steinberg give us some feedback please when it should happen removing this bug from the list?

I just encountered this issue after moving my project folder to other drive. Another issue with samplertrack that makes it an even bigger dissapointment.

It has also not been announced as fixed in History.