CAN-26149 score editor: (page mode) Split multi rests not working anymore

As of Cubase 10.5 when I have a multi bar rest (say 17 bars) and want to split at bar 9, split rests will only split at the multi rest’s 2nd bar. Bit cumbersome.

In general my feeling is that I have more score error 9’s and random crashes with the score editor than in the previous version, but that could be just a feeling.

yep, definitely less stable, thinking of reverting back to Cubase 10.0

Note that the unmovalbe and unresponsive Error dialog stating there’s a dump file created is “on top” of the modal “score errror 9” dialog that actually has the focus. Only thing to do is to hard ending the Cubase process restart.

The crashes might be due to some kind of layouts corruption. Hard to say. Have you tried resetting layouts? (Scores>Reset Layout… )

Also, of course, check if prefs are causing the problem by starting in Cubase Safe Start mode.

I’m not seeing what you’re saying about splitting multi-rests. But maybe I don’t have the precise steps needed to reproduce.

I’ll try to reset/repair things first and see what that does - tomorrow, thanks for your reply

Reproduction of the split multi rests issue:

-> Using Windows 10 1909, Cubase 10.5.0
-> Start new project from template “Blues rock” (for instance)
-> Add empty organ (midi) part of 44 bars.
-> Add marker track add a few markers, i’ve placed marker 1:Intro at bar 1, marker 2:A at bar 17 and 3:B at bar 33
-> now you should have something like

-> Select the part open the score editor (page mode) , in score settings set multi-rest to 2

-> also set the marker names to show (menu score -> advanced layout -> show markers)
-> Now we want to split the 43 bar rest at marker A. (so at bar 16 to 17)
-> By double clicking on the multi rest bar the “split multi rests” dialog shows up, enter 16 as bars split number

-> press OK and examine the result. Overhere the split is always made at the first bar, no matter what number is filled out in the dialog. This is different from the behavior in previous versions of Cubase, not very user friendly, adds a lot of work splitting 16 times and then deleting the first 15 splits again.

Could not add more than 3 attachments in one reply I guess, this is the result I get from Cubase 10.5.

the previous versions of Cubase would render the desired result:

Finally, to be honest I would prefer Cubase to always split multi rest at Markers (when markers showing in the score), but that’s a feature request.

Cubase 10.5.10 still has this issue although the version history claims it should be okay now…
"CAN-26149 Score Editor Splitting multi-rests now works correctly. " - not really so.

Seems to work again okay in Cubase 10.5.20