[CAN-5889] Bug: Dual filter plugin noise

Hi there…There is a bug in Cubase 9 pro with the dual filter plugin! * 9.0.1 with the late november update.

I first noticed it because i had a project and i used this plugin with automation as well , i managed to reproduce it after. it only occurs with low frequency sounds and you have to turn up the resonance and play with the filter a little bit.
You can hear some strange cracks in sound ( and guys its not the resonance that i hear)

Also its not there on 8.5 ! i still have this version on my computer and it doesnt occur.
So its definitely a new version bug! Please fix it

Thank you

Try to record some of the audio and make a list/screenshot of the exact parameters.

I will record it ok… Screenshot wont be helpful because it occurs when the parameters are being automated not static.

Not neccessary. Bug is confirmed.


Moving this to collected bugs then.
If you have a CAN ref.number, please let me know Andreas.


Updated with reference number in the OP. Thank you.