[CAN-6036] Synths with Mute automation are solo defeated

Here’s something that I’m wondering if there’s a setting somewhere that I’m missing:

When I write Mute automation onto a virtual instrument it then automatically becomes “solo defeated”, meaning anything else I solo, the VI with Mute automation will also solo when it’s un-muted via automation. This is obviously not a good thing in most cases, so I need to find out if it’s a bug or if there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere?


I try to imagine it…

You mean, in the position, where the Mute is switched Off by the automation? You Solo track 1. Track 2 is forced to don’t switch Mute to On, because of the automation. All other tracks are Muted. So the track 1 is audible, because it is soloed, and track 2 is audible, because it is forced to nit be muted.

Am I right?

Yes, exactly right. Do you experience this, as well?

It only happens with virtual instruments – it does not happen with audio tracks.


Do you use multi-timbral and multi-out Instruments? Or single Instrument Tracks?


It happens with both multi-timbral/multi-out instruments and single-timbral/single-out instruments, doesn’t make a difference here.


I’m just “thinking laud”…

If I’m right, the automation drives Solo/Mute of the Mixer, i.e. of the Channel. It means, if the Channel is forced to NOT be muted, and the MIDI track is also not muted, then I would really expect the sound. Actually the weired part is, the Audio is muted, as you said. At least it’s inconsistent.

I will have a look tomorrow.

I’m thinking it’s a bug because I can’t think of any possible reason why someone would want this kind of behavior…? If I’m soloing something I don’t want to hear anything else unless I’ve specifically activated Solo Disable or it’s related to FX sends. Note: This has nothing to do with any kind of complex routing: You can recreate the issue with just one virtual instrument track and one other track of any kind.

Can others here also try this and let us know if you’re experiencing the same thing?


  1. Insert any virtual instrument (VI-1, let’s call it) into a session. It can be multi-timbral or not; doesn’t matter.
  2. Write some Mute automation on the VI-1 audio track, and make sure its audio track automation is in Read mode afterwards.
  3. Solo any other track and you’ll see that VI-1 is un-muted (i.e. you can hear it) whenever the automation has it un-muted, which it shouldn’t be when you’re soloing something else. The channel does not go into mute mode all of the time like it should when something else is solo’ed, but instead follows the automation as far as muting is concerned.


I can confirm it, now. I will report it as a bug.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

I’m moving this to Collected Bugs and add the ref. number to the OP.