Can A BCF2000 control VariAudio?

That sure would be nice! Sliders, Switch among the speaker tool, Segment and Pitch/Warp Mode, all without touching a mouse - wooeee.

But would it have to be taken out of Mackie Control mode? Or could some Generic Remote scripts be written?

Thanks for any thoughts -

If you’re in Mackie Control mode, it’s limited as to what you can assign to a generic remote.
For example:
The buttons send note messages. The generic remote can implement these.
The faders send pitchbend info. The generic remote cannot implement that.

Also limiting is the fact that you can’t remove functions from the Mackie Control device.
You’d push a button to switch something, and your selected channel would flush.
Ie. push button, both the generic remote’s function and Mackie control’s function would trigger.

Thanks, Shinta. So would have to program the BCF in some generic, non-Mackie mode? I wonder if it’s possible to do that and have it “learn” the VariAudio controls …

Yes, it is…

Thanks for that, thinkingcap. You have such experience?

Not really, but simply by looking at the generic remote setup, I can see the variAudio functions that can be controlled.
Generic remote works with MIDI messages, the bcf sends MIDI messages and can even be programmed to your likings… And even if you don’ t want to program the bcf, the generic remote has a learn function.
Switching modes is explained in the bcf manual, IIRC. Generic remote is explained in the generic remote pdf…

Yes, thanks. I’m working on the 1st (the BCF, it is quite overwhelming, like programming a nuclear centrifuge it seems to me at this time). I’m scouring the web for any non-Mackie Emulation Mode Cubase programming that is available that I could edit. It’ll be easier on the Cubase side, I’ve done some programming of the generic remote in the past (I think, having done some Quick Control programming).

Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s OK, I’m loving my BCF. But it sure would be nice if it did without too much Blood, Sweat, and Tears!

theoretically you might not even have to switch modes - simply using “learn” might also work with the bcf in Mackie control mode. Though I’ m not really sure about it at the moment, and it’ s too late to try now…

Apparently can work with push buttons, but not rotaries or faders, or so I’ve been told (I think Shinta said that in one of these threads, and also the esteemed JeromeEspace as well in his excellent “Comment Utiliser La BCF 2000 en Mode Mackie dans Cubase SX”).

Calling all users who might use the BCF in some sort of generic, non MCU emulation mode … any hints on how to get started please? (That Behringer manual is more incomprehensible to me than the non-translated Jerome document, and I don’t even read French!).

Will not work.
In Mackie Control mode, all the control elements and buttons are used, including the one used to enter learn mode. No reassignment of any parameters on the BCF2000 while in an emulation mode is possible.

Have you taken a look at the other documentation on Behringer’s site?
Here’s a helpful one, if you haven’t:

Unfortunately, I don’t use the LEARN mode on my units, so I can’t be much more help to you.

Thanks for that, Shinta! I surely would like to program the BCF-2000 so that it can “Learn” to control other parameters in Cubase that are not in its Mackie Control-Cubase template. For example: Have one of the BCF faders control the “Straighten Pitch” slider in VariAudio, and have one of the BCF buttons turn ON the “Segment” selection in VariAudio when the “Pitch/Warp” isn’t already selected.

At this point, specific things I’m looking up are:

  1. How will the BCF2000 know when I power it on whether I want it to work in the usual NC-C (Mackie Control Emulation - Cubase) mode, or the new Generic Mode I programmed.

  2. How do I get the BCF2000 OUT of NC-C (Mackie Emulation) mode when it wakes up? As of now of course, it always powers on in the Mackie Emulation mode. I’ve read the Behringer literature about changing to another sequencer emulation, but haven’t yet found how to change it to NO emulation.

  3. It seems that in the Cubase “Remote Devices” folder (Devices>>Device Setup), there will be TWO entries that each have the BCF2000 assigned as the MIDI In/MIDI Out choice - how will the BCF know which entry/item in the dialogue I want it to address? [By this I mean that in the Generic Remote window the BCF2000 will be listed as an Input and Output in both, a) the Mackie Emulation item (that has the Cubase template built into it via “NC-C”); and b) the Generic Remote item that I would like to build to control other parameters in Cubase].

  4. How do I use the lower panel of the “Generic Remote” window if the parameter I want to have the BCF2000 “Learn” and control isn’t in the drop down list? For example, I’d like to teach the BCF2000 to use a Fader to control the “Straighten Pitch” control of VariAudio, but it is not one of the choices in the drop down menu.

  5. How, after I get all the above done and store my “Learn” items, can I be sure that I won’t be permanently overwriting something I currently depend on in the Mackie Emulation-Cubase mode?

    I’ve actually looked around a bit on the web, haven’t found nice answers to these questions like I did for how to set the BCF2000 up in Mackie Emulation mode. I’ll keep looking, but I’m not very technical when it comes to programming, I’m thinking it’s becoming more likely that in the end I won’t be venturing beyond the basic Mackie Emulation Mode.

Thanks for any thoughts, anyone!

I´m not talking about changing paramteres in the bcf, I´m talking about the bcf 2000 being in Mackie Control emulation mode, using the Cubase “Learn” function to use the bcf as “Generic remote” (So you don´t have to switch the bcf to a different mode), which in general does work.

Bumping from a month ago in case there are any new users around who might be able to help with my questions of two posts up from 7-14-12, or who might be able to comment on that TC posited in the post immediately above this one.

Thanks -

Cause you switch it to the mode you want to work in on power on.

No emulation is b-control (bC) mode

Since you can only run the bcf in either the one or the other mode, If you select the wrong device in Cubase, you will get wrong actions when using the bcf / wrong feedback on the bcf when doing things in cubase.

No choice - no control…

Thank you, TC, that is very helpful.

It looks like what I want to do isn’t possible: "No choice - no control …" - so I will just be staying with the Mackie Emulation.

It sure would be nice to be able to “add choices” that aren’t present! But at least now I know to stop wasting time and brain cells in figuring out how to do it. Maybe for Cubase 99 …

Does that come with a chocolate Flake :laughing: