Can a clip effect have different settings per clip?

Hi All,

I have set up a montage and added a clip effect to two clips. When I make a change to the setting in clip 1 the same setting is changed for clip 2. I would have thought this is what track effects do. That is, one setting for the entire track of any number of clips. I would expect that an effect added to a clip is its own instance so each clip could have different settings.

I must obviously be doing something wrong. Can anyone help with this issue?


Yes, the main purpose of clip FX is to have different plugin settings for each clip. I think a screen shot or short video/gif of what you are seeing might help.

Changing the plugins settings for one clip should not change any others.

Thanks Justin. In setting up the screen shots you requested I discovered the problem. I had the first clip highlighted when I tried to open the FX window on the second clip. If I highlight the second clip, the settings for the second clip’s FX instances are different.

Problem solved. I knew it had to be me but you helped me find it. Thanks for your help.

Good deal, this has happened to me before in some way with a mixup between the selected clip and the clip I want effects on, and then I wonder why the sound isn’t changing!