Can a Cubase 9.5 install be "upgraded" to 10? Or full reinstall necessary?

Can a Cubase 9.5 install be “upgraded” to 10? Or is a full reinstall necessary?


If applicable you purchase the upgrade but, you need to download and run the full installer as this is a new version. Not an upgrade or update. :wink:

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I think it would be cool if there is an option when installing to just update your existing version. They ought to consider this in future releases - even if it’s a major release, this would be a nice option.

It’s not an update though, they are completely new executable files. That’s why it sits in a different directory.

What would be useful (for those with slow internet connections for example) is the option of not re-downloading the various instrument libraries where they overlap as these are generally kept in common areas. Then again I can see this might also bring issues so I understand why a full install is far safer.