Can a frame chain be set to repeat?

I realize this question is about a highly non-conventional notation method and don’t want to clutter up my post by explaining why I want to do it to begin with, but I hope my question is straightforward:

Let’s say I have a project with 7 total flows, each one measure long. I’d like to have a Page Layout with 2 music frames, one on the left side of the page and 1 on the right. The first (left) frame chain would be set to display flows 2-7 (but not 1). The 2nd (right) frame chain would be set to display only flow 1. In the layout, I need a page break for each flow. So far, I understand how to do this from the documentation. However, here’s the part I can’t find a way to do, and don’t know if it’s even possible:

In this scenario, the first page displays flow 2 on the left and flow 1 on the right. However, the second page would display flow 3 on the left but nothing on the right, because there is no more material in flow 1, so there is nothing more to display in that frame chain. What I would like to do, if there is a way, is to have flow 1 repeat in that frame chain, 5 more times, so that it appears alongside flow 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. This way, the result is that in this layout, I’d see 6 total pages with (read left to right) flows 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, and 7-1.

Is there any way to do this? I realize I could do it manually by setting up specific music frames side by side, but what I actually want is to do this with all possible flow combinations, i.e. not just the ones I mentioned in the example above but also 1-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2… and 1-3, 2-3, 4-3, 5-3… etc. Setting up all those frames/combinations would be really tedious, especially in a scenario where I have way more than 7 flows. In the past, I’ve just exported graphics from the notation software, and compiled the actual score graphics in a vector program, but if there were a way to set this up in Dorico using a combination of Page Templates and Layouts, so that I could batch-export the entire Project all at once, that would be incredible, because it would enable me to edit notation details in the flows (i.e. change notes, rhythms, etc.) and then re-export the graphics all at once. (Obviously if I use a vector program, any time I change a detail, I have to export then put together the graphics over again).

Sorry if this is an outlier question, but I’d love any suggestions if anyone has ideas. Thanks!


How often is your Flow 1 likely to change?
If that is not likely, the simplest way might be to duplicate Flow 1 and intersperse the flows with your changing material so that your left frame would contain even flows and your right frame would contain the interspersed odd flows.

I’m trying to think whether a music frame filled-in with flow 1 could be installed on your Page Template, but I do not have time now to try it.

Hope that helps a bit.

Thank you, Derrek.

I’m not likely to change it too many times, but was hoping for a solution that enabled me to make edits to a flow without having to go and retool a lot of page layouts.

I realize I could add a static graphic file (rather than actual music) of flow 1 (in this example), on one side of the page, to accomplish the goal, but that also requires reworking things if I edit it (especially if I’m doing the full “all combinations” approach I mentioned in the post).

So I’d love to know if there is a way to have a frame on a Page Template that persistently displays a flow on every page of the layout, and repeats that flow’s material from the top if the flow ends before the layout does. Thanks,



I tried playing around with this a bit but could not find a way to keep the original music flow coming back on every page (bummer :smirk:). I guess I would duplicate Flow 1 and intersperse it between the existing flows. Of course, if trhe Flow 1 changed, I would have to delete all the duplicated Flow 1’s and reduplicate and intersperse the new material.

Sorry I could not think of anything that would reuse the original material without turning it into a graphic. If only Page Templates could accept Layout Frames as well as “Master” Frames.

Thank you very much for trying, Derrek! Very kind of you. I hadn’t realized that this is the concept I’m asking for but now I see what you mean by this:

“If only Page Templates could accept Layout Frames as well as “Master” Frames.”

That would open up some interesting possibilities for me, including this one. But I know I’m in a tiny minority here dealing with unconventional scoring/layout methods, so I realize it can’t be a development priority, and risks causing confusion or other problems.

Thanks again,