Can a grace note be an accord?

I tried to create a grace note accord, but I am not able to do it.
I pressed the Quords and Grace note buttons but I can only place one note and the next is at the side and not on the top.

I there something that I have missed, or is this something which comes later?

Are you sure you are in caret mode? I put the caret at the note I want ornamented, choose a note value, press Q and / (and make sure the icons are active) and press two note names and it works for me …

Hi Claude,
that’s strange. I tried exactly the same yesterday several times and it did not work.
In the meantime I have added a bunch more in the same system and others and now I am able to add the accord grace notes.
Hmm, seems to be a glitch.
Many thanks!

Seems I can’t enter grace note chords with the Midi Keyboard, they appear after each other. I can, however, add notes to existing grace notes using the mouse, with chords (q) and grace notes (/) active. Hmmm…