Can a Quick Control be assigned for Metronome Volume?


I was just wondering if it is possible to set up a quick control so it controls the volume of the Cubase Metronome and save it so it always works in a template so I don’t have to assign it with every Project I make?

If it is possible, I actually plan on assigning one of the Knobs on the CMC-QC so it’s always just “there”.




You cannot assign Quick Control to the “Metronome Volume”. In fact, the question is, what do you mean by this. The Metronome itself doesn’t have any volume. But you can control Volume of CLick routed to the Control Room, or Cues, etc. But even these volumes, you cannot control via Quick Controls. Unfortunately even via Generic Remote device.

Actually, you can do this via Generic Remote.

I have this setup as Transport/Device/MetronnnomeOn - I used CC91 for this, 0 and 127 toggle.

And Metronome/Device/ClickLevel - CC 92.

I have VSTControl Room/ControlRoom/Volume on CC 90.



yes there is the General Click Level controlleable via generic remote as stated above.

I still find it absolutely annoying that not all control room Parameters are controlleable by remote Controllers. The individual click Levels in the control room are an example of that really really bad Steinberg pratice to randomly include Parameters for remote control.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: By the way: Can the Parameter THAT IS controlleable via generic remote “Metronome-> Clicklevel” be controlled in cubase manually somewhere?

Yes, there are very limited control options.
It’s a Global on/off and volume - but that does the trick for me when I’m working alone.

And . . no! I don’t know what that “Level” thing is controlling.
I just assumed it was doing it on the Metronome setup panel but I checked and it’s not.
It’s seems to be changing some Phantom Level Control buried in code . . .


Nice, I didn’t know this. Thanks!

Hi you,

in former Cubase Versions there was no control room - Long ago. It was then that we could adjust click volume I think in the Metronome dialogue. I suspect that this Parameter is still there and thus controlleable via Remote Controllers, but NOT available on any user Interface element of cubase.

The preferreable solution would of course be to have the click volumes for cues, etc. available for remote control as well. The decision on “what is controleable and what not” is a Little bit random since a Long time.

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for all your advice. I find it frustrating to not have the Metronome assigned to a physical controller knob or fader and although I usually route the Click to a physical Audio Output (and to a fader on my Analog Mixing Desk) I don’t always want or need the Desk to be turned on and draining electricity. I wish Steinberg released a CMC controller that was just for the Control Room (shame they discontinued them after 5 minutes).