Can any setting speed GUI response?

Hi - I am being annoyed by the sluggish scrolling and expanding to navigate through my project. So many times I want to stop and it keeps moving past my spot & also I let off the ctrl or shift and then it move up/down when not wanted. I do have a pretty long beat track going out well past my working end, do I need to remove that? It’s just there so I can add content as I work out new parts, etc. Is there a setting to make the project window more responsive? Thanks.

I have the same problem but on OSX. The only thing you can do is to reduce the number of items that do gui.
It seems that cubase is doing all gui in one thread, and if get underruns on the graphic pipeline it get very bad
GUI. And they do other things like remote controllers as MCU in the same thread. But I dont know why it has become
such problem. It used to be good, but it might also be the burden from modern plugins also are much higher.

what i discover for speed up gui:

  • disable audio background modulation
  • disable text on Events Midi/Audio/Instruments/Folders
  • too much chopped audio slow down gui
  • all audio & etc. editing better do with active Constrain Delay Compensation, after editing - turn off. more heavy project more sluggish GUI u have
  • hide in folders parts also hepls
  • Visibility is a key - less info at Project windows - less sluggish u have.

Some tips also work with MixConsole
Also some NVIDIA settings can affect at gui.

But, this is old issue, and we all hope they fix it.

OK - thanks! I do have some of the things you say to limit. Really appreciate your sharing your experiences to help me! I can change some things and flatten to new project should help - sure am glad I don’t do controllers anymore.

If You don’t need Hitpoints on every audio event, try turning OFF Automatic Hitpoint Detection in preferences.


OK - that definitely helped - GUI is more responsive! Thanks!

So Cubase doesn´t use gfx card for GUI? Seriously? That´s like something from 2 decades ago. Pretty much every other program, (especially plugins, but DAWs too) draw their GUI with GPU

Well they still have to tell the gpu what to do - I would think they DO use the gpu - it would have to be so.

actyally, use. you can check it, open Resource monitor (in Osx or Win) and look at GPU load at heavy project with many items, when u zooming, loading at GPU goes up

Thanks for clearing up, I remembered the time when people removed windows Aero theme to reserve more power for CPU, while they didn´t realize that aero was using gpu, so it was actually more efficient