Can anyone help me replace a "Techniques" entry in the Percussion Map Editor?

for example, if I copy a Snare Drum instrument entry (on D#0 in this example) with the Technique “Left (LH)”, to the E0 entry,

and I want to switch it to “Right (RH)”, I’m clicking on the ellipsis to bring up the “Playback Technique Combinations” dropdown. If I choose “Right (RH)”, the result is “Left (LH) + Right (RH)”.

I can’t backspace over the entry to clear it, so how do I change the entry to "Right (RH) instead of adding to it?

It’s probably gob smackingly obvious, but I’m stuck…

…ok, I guess it’s not that obvious… :thinking:

When you click the button to bring up the dialog in which you can choose the combination of playback techniques, simply clicking on a playback technique will add it to the current combination, as you’ve found. Instead, try holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) and then clicking the playback technique: this should remove it from the current combination.

Thanks Daniel, but now I’m confused. On my 2016 MacBook Pro, running Monterey, the behavior I described in my initial post doesn’t happen. Instead, each time I select a Technique from the list, it replaces the previous entry (as I would have expected). I can get combination techniques by holding down the [command] key while selecting a different entry.

This is not how it was working on my M1 Mac Studio running Ventura. Both computers are running Dorico

I’m not home, but will test this again when I’m back to see if I can confirm the functionality is different between the 2 computers.