Can anyone help with this please (Issue fixed with new DAC)

I’ve put a ticket in to Steinberg about 1 and a half weeks ago, no reply
I’m i doing something wrong

I’ve posted here multiple times, and not getting any answers
Thanks in advance for any help

Cubase does not work for me because I’m on Ryzen architecture (advertised as performance update)
Did they only focus on ARM

licensing does not work because I’m coming from elements so never needed a USB licence
(advertised as dongle free)

sorry but is this bordering on false adverting or does Steinberg not have the funds to BETA test on AMD and intel
==Only tested on ARM==

It would be nice if Steinberg did an official announcement of any fixes they have planned
it’s just bad optics for their brand

only have to the 4th to activate
so am i doing something wrong here

Hello did you have doing maintenance update in elcc?

Yes followed all them steps , if you look at the bottom of e-licensing control centre says i need a USB
Thanks for the reply

just says put a ticket in
done that 1 and half weeks ago, no response
I have 2 days to activate

Try to writing the email to him.

Or to him.

And maybe try something here.

No problem :+1:

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Thanks for you too.

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They don’t work on weekends.
And yes, the license update only works with an USB-elicenser at the moment.

No, we are many people.

I upgraded from Elements 11 , so never had a USB key file
I brought Artist 12 it was sold as dongle free

unless I’m mistaken

But thanks for the reply

OK I checked it at the support section…

The USB eLicenser is not necessary any more.
You need to update the eLCC to the latest version to do the upgrade.

I hope this helps.

ive done all them steps

i put a ticket in a long time ago

I try and resolve all issues myself as don’t like asking for help
but im at a brick wall, but thank you for your time

i will just have to wait for steinberg to get back to me
after all it’s their system they’re forcing me to use

I have sent you a PM with a new DAC.


Yes that worked
thank you