Can anyone here advice me about a in-ear audio technica headphones?

I’m trying to decide about which in ear headphones to buy for my dad, I want to buy a pair of Audio Technica’s…specifically Audio Technica, because from experience they got the most durable headphones in the in ear departmant and they never stopped working for me.
the only problem with those in-ear AudioTechnica headphones is that the earbuds are usually placed to the side, which makes using them very uncomfortable, and gives them the tendency to fall from the ear so I need to push them inside my ears everytime I feel they’re gonna fall.

so, is there such animal as an audio technica in ear headphones with straight ear buds?
I searched google and couldn’t find.

I’ll give examples of what I want and what I don’t(regarding the shape), thank you!

not good:


(btw, I thought about buying the BeyerDynamics model as in the second picture, but I read reviews about them not lasting long for some people, so Idk)

The “falling out” issue is the reason I wouldn’t use ear buds that didn’t have a head band.
Update: T + 10 days. Is there any point in my continuing to check this thread for a reply? I’m guessing no.