Can Anyone Identify This Clip From MediaBay?

Hello. I recently purchased a delay plugin from Audiority (Echoes T7E) and explored it by tinkering around with it’s settings while using a loop from MediaBay. I chose a guitar loop to test the plugin and while I am truly satisfied with the plugin, I’d really like to know if anyone out there can give me some pointers on what you might think the type of guitar is in the loop and how you think it may have been recorded. I’ll only include a snap shot of the MediaBay because I don’t want to post the audio and violate any copyrights.

They guitar sound is gritty and sounds very up-close, but I honestly can’t tell if this is an acoustic or electric guitar and how they got it to sound like that. I don’t play guitar, but own several guitar sample libraries that get me decent results. But I don’t have anything that sounds like this and wondered how to simulate it some way or find a library that can. Please see screen shot.