Can anyone predict what the ESP montage M plug-in means for Halion?

I see the new Montage M is out, and it has caused quite a stir. But, there’s a mention of a plug-in, free of charge for owners of the new Montage, ESP it’s called I think, coming out in early 24, that will allow -initially - basic “offline” editing capabilities, but will also have “the sound” of the Montage(?!). And later on in the summer of 24 a full launch is planned? For all? For owners of the Montage?

What does all this mean for Halion? Is it like in formula 1, when they ask one driver to move to the side and let the fellow team member driver move to the front since they’re leading in the championship and need the points more? I always considered Halion a door to Yamaha keyboards’ tech and sound? Did I have it completely wrong?

Is it a completely different situation and of no real consequence to Halion?

I think you’re overthinking this. It’s a new product by Yamaha. That plugin is only for montage owners, if I’m not mistaken. .

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I don’t think it means anything for Halion. It appears to be a standalone VST3 / AU plugin.
The wording is interesting though. The plugin will be freely available to registered Montage M owners via download code, but the door appears to be open as to whether this could be sold separately in the future.