can anyone recommend a free video screen recorder?

can anyone recommend a free video screen recorder, so it is easier to show steps in cubase?

You can use Microsoft Powerpoint 2013-2016 to record audio and screen, it is a unkown feature, but it is there. The only warning with this or other screen recorder is that you need to use always the Generic Audio ASIO and not the driver of your sound card.

Try Open Broadcaster Software ( works perfect.

Anyone else?

For Mac OS, try SnapzProX


Using oCam


You have a GTX980, use Nvidia Shadowplay. Very light on the system, it copies rendered frames right of the gpu.

Thank you, I will take a look at it…

A very lightweight one with editing is Screen to Gif (thanks to Phil Pendlebury of MEAP fame for that find)

How do I set up the system to be able to capture the sounds in Cubase in the video?

:open_mouth: Apparantly you can’t record ASIO.

I recorded a lot of stuff from gameplay to several desktop tasks but never Cubase before,
it suddenly seems alot less perfect as I experienced so far.

Time to dive into the NVidia forum and hope the devs read along.

I found a good one - OBS Studio, but cannot record sound from Cubase. Therefore I route sound through Yamaha MG10XU mixer (OUT+IN over USB) and it becomes possible to record. Very good - professional screen recorder.

I know this post is quite dated but since I visited today, the warning is current but may be a false positive. Handle with care!
Screen to Gif - 2018-06-05.png

The project has been moved to github.