Can anyone recommend a good Surround Autopanner please?

Can anyone recommend a very good Surround Auto Panner please? I am looking for something that can easily spin a sound around a hall and bring it across the diagonal. I know this can be done manually using automation

Free or buy.

thanks Zero

Aloha Z,

Perhaps one of these might help.
At least it is a start. (all Win stuff I believe)

Thanks cor the curteyous reply,
I have gone through the KVR stuff (most of that stuf was direct X.

I was hoping somneone had used one and would recommend

Hi there Zerozero,

the new Audio damage one looks pretty good & got a good review.

Not very expensive either :smiley:

Good luck with that.



Oh sorry Zerozero, don’t know if its surround :confused:

thanks C for suggesting… .but its not surround. Its suprisignly difficult - Surround, VST, 64 bit