Can 'Bad Taste' Ruin Music?

Interesting, but to get to the point, you need to define your terms:
If you - who is “you”?
’Bad Taste’ - what is ‘Bad Taste’?
music - what is music, and whose music, yours or someone else’s?
ruin - what is “ruined” music?
created - what? performed-recorded-written down-what?

well, that explains it… :unamused:

Poorly cooked food will always spoil the background music at a restaurant.

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The first definition of music.

  1. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

A pseudo-description of bad taste.

poor judgment, esp. as to what is appropriate, fashionable, pleasing, etc.

So I would say yes, temporarily. When someone becomes so sick of the circumstances surrounding a song or songs, that every time they hear the song, they are reminded of that event. I went through this personally in a sort of parallel way.

The last place I was renting was with a good friend of mine. For some ungodly reason, he took in another local musician because he felt sorry for him. The guy could be a pretty good songwriter when he wasn’t being a drug infested dirtbag. I moved out because of that, and though his music is very melodic, I block it every time it comes on the internet radio (that I listen to while I’m working). It brings back some pretty awful memories.

As a side note, he got kicked out less than a month later because he pulled a gun on another friend who was hanging out there. Everything he did was poor judgement, bad taste and lack of decent character.

I wanted to mention this because something similar to a bad-taste situation can ruin things more or less permanently if the consequences are bad enough.

I think you should cut this guy some slack, John.
Drug infestation, melodic music, gun play, poor judgement, lack of character, along with indiscriminate
sex, alcoholism and nihilism are the hallmarks of any self respecting rock star.
I know, I’ve been there. :sunglasses:

Give him a break. He’s not like other people. :wink:

Hehe… True enough, and I’ve been around plenty. But there are those times where you don’t just need to burn bridges, but blow them up and leave a crater when they once existed. :wink: Based upon his unique ability to lay waste to everything around him, I think he was a demon of Mayhem from like Orion or something. :laughing:


Toxic people. They’re breeding.

…and they do it so d@mn well too! :mrgreen:

Not sure. Do ya have kids?

LOL … er this tread becomes a ‘definition of terms’ thread:
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HOKAY … OFF-topic thoughts brought me into this thread. Steve, I’m going to honour your topic now. Yup … you’ve given loose definitions to the terms, so I’ll do a freestyle rant in your favorite style.

Therez dudes who’re beatin’ self defeatin’ overeatin’
riskin’ overextentin’ of their pussywagon’s suspensin’
Yo thas’ …
oh soddit I got nothing against rap - well, at least, I’d like to learn to do it in order to find out.

“Can bad Taste Ruin Music” … hmmm … OK … here goes:

1: It’s when primarily NON musical criteria are governing peoples’ Musical choices. Eg: Is the performer contraversial? Are they a famous film star? Do they have a criminal record? Is their name already linked to some important brand name? Is their verbal/lyrical message politically/culturally/subculturally popular?

At that point, music becomes the carrier rather than the message. We become distracted by the flight of the pigeon. Music may suffer - become ruined - and nobody notices.

2: When musical criteria ARE governing, then the Feel versus Play-it-Right dichotomy can be the bad taste which kill music by making it self-consciously robotic=Play-It-Right or deliberately splatty=Feel. Composition can suffer with both. Prog can Disappear UP the Ass, and Raw Feel can, through sloppiness, miss altogether the very Ass it intended to Kick.

3: When the above is resolved and intended messages are performed with precisions and feeling, bad taste becomes a matter of WHICH messages are being generated. There is, IMO a good case for examining lyrics separately from their tonal/rhythmic/pitch elements. We CAN go ‘Great music … shame about the words.’ Then again, I CAN be clear that when I hear

“I’ll slap my girlfriends when they disobey me, similarly my homies - though I might kill them. Additionally, those who are NOT my homies should stay 'over there, since any approach they may make shall be deemed an act of warfare. I may as well mention that I sell drugs and occasionally deal in small firearms. I am not very good at it, in face I got caught … er … I mean … I’m a Hard Dude … cos I’ve got a criminal record, and having been let out, I wish to share with you my nostalgia, and also a measure of my happiness at having more than enough to live on. I do not listen to Gong”

… I am severely dis-impressed. Enough of those and I am likely to become fiercely disparaging of an entire style of music. Remember our very own member SeventhKnight? Hip Hop and Rap guy … committed to learning, and also to generating messages which were NOT advocating fun-based bloodshed and mayhem. Heck … he was starting with a handicap … cos a lot of us have already ‘given up’ on rap-related music. 99.9% is pumping bloody stoopid messages … we get saturated and it really IS C-rap … The bad lyrical taste ruins the well played and emotional music … we throw it out, and the baby gets thrown out too.

There ya go, I’m done

Take care, my … er … .Steve :slight_smile:


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