Can barely see menu labels!

What is with the menu bar on Cubase 8! The project title is barely readable!


you must change windows color to have bright border with black text and the glow effect will disapear

Or you can change windows style (you’ll have to patch system files with uxtheme patcher). I did this and I think it’s fine (dark theme with no glow), I’ll put a screenshot when I’ll get back to my homestudio if you want

steinberg PLEASE include a “Classic View” option if possible in next update

thankyou for the reply. progress is sometimes hard to swallow. ill try to find a remote desktop app that doesnt use a
mirror driver and disable aero.

cheers :slight_smile:

This is not possible, I’m afraid. The GUI in Cubase 8, despite being aesthetically similar to Cubase 7.5, is based on different Framework and APIs, which is why Aero is now required on Windows 7 (it was not a deliberate choice to annoy people, but a requirement).

I found if you disable “Enable Transparent Glass” the Menu Bar becomes much more readable.

Aero is still on.


here is a screen shot of my windows style

I always wondered why and did think it was a SB decision and we were just stuck with it.

thanks Fabio, if this has been mentioned before, I must have missed it. but information like this does dispel a lot of scepticism.

Thanks for chiming in Fabio.

With all due respect, some of us would like to know a little more about this.
For example:

  1. Where did the new requirement come from?
  2. To my knowledge, no Windows application requires Aero, but be that as it may, as surprising the Aero dependency choice might be, it still does not explain the new menu bar.
  3. I assume there was a very strong reason for the new Framework, like maybe laying the groundwork for some extraordinary stuff in the future, but I don’t think anybody mentioned why this API/Framework was even necessary.
    MDI? Is this all? There’s got to be more than this.

Please don’t get me wrong, I would honestly like to understand what is going on, and this is the only reason for this reply.

Thank you

I’m not really in the position to reply to your questions - not only my duties in the Company are different: the technical reasons behind this would be better explained by a software engineer, which I’m not.
However, I’m aware many users didn’t like this requirement, so I’ll try.

  1. From the Microsoft Framework used, which requires Aero for hardware acceleration. I would think it will improve both future compatibility and performance (some will remember the spiking issues with plug-ins’ GUIs due to their implementation of multi-core processing combined with slow GPU drivers, just as an example).

  2. Not able to reply to this, but the menu bar on Windows 7 deals with problems it doesn’t have on Windows 8. I wouldn’t exclude there were compromises with its design to allow Win 7 and 8 compatibility.
    The menu bar is what is left of the old ‘shell’ - the main program functions need to be somewhere which is not the project window.

  3. Indeed, there are good reasons. Preparing Cubase for the future, assuring compatibility and good performance on current and future OSs, getting rid of restrictions which made it impossible to implement features (and requests) because of inherent limitations, are the first springing to my mind.

There is often much more under the hood than it meets the eye, and everything is much more difficult in an application running under critical conditions (like real-time audio is). We receive requests that currently cannot be implemented and cannot improve functions because of environment restrictions that demand a re-write. I hope this somewhat clears the matter.

Thank you, I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions in such detail.

whoa…! looking good… :wink: thanks for posting. The tweaks are interesting. BTW, what screen size/resolution is that you use…? looks very (nice and) wide…!


thanks :slight_smile:

I use a LG 34UM95 it’s a ultra wide screen monitor (3440*1440) :slight_smile:

Hmm, I tried out uxtheme patcher (now uxstyle patcher), but my security wouldn’t let me D/L it.
On further Google searches, it was looking more and more flakey, especially the adware part.
I got nervous and decided against it.

Anyone else have any opinions?

I use this one without issue