Can C7 be made to look like C6-C6.5??

I hate the appearance of C7, sorry to bitch about it but the colors drive me crazy. I love C6.5’s appearance, but long for some of the added functions of C7

That said, I know ALL of the versions have given the user some control over the APPEARANCE of Cubase. Has anyone adjusted the appearance and got good results? Is there a way to set the appearance to be like C6 automatically, just like C6 let u use “C5 Key Commands”??

THANKS!! :smiley:

Simple answer : NO ! For several reasons :

  1. The preferences ‘Appearance / Work area’ page has been dropped, from which we are no more able, among others, to adjust the relative display intensity of the horizontal and the three vertical subdivisions of the vertical grid lines.

  2. The preferences ‘Appearance / General’ page has been reduced to its most simple expression, from which we are no more able, among others, to adjust the display intensity of the buttons in the track list (unless you feel sure enough of what you are doing to manually edit the defaults.xml file…).

  3. There is what I call a bug as well as another regression : the horizontal and vertical grid lines don’t have the same colors, despite the fact that we have one and only one setting to adjust the color display of both. See here : for more details and screenshots.

  4. Steiny felt the need to add a white mask to the project cursor which is anything but useful : actually, it appears to me as a blurry zone instead of the straight and clear line as it was appearing in 6.5. A major PITA for momeone with decaying eyes as mine, working on a 26" monitor in 1920 x 1200 resolution.

  5. The R/W buttons of the FX/group tracks don’t behave as the other ones when you are narrowing these kind of tracks : looks like a half baked UI, at the opposite of the 6.5 one.

  6. No matter what you try in what is remaining of the appearance settings : the overview line background will stay white.

Just installed 7.0.5 and the situation is still the same. Sorry… :frowning: