Can CB3 Midi Instruments Receive MIDI CC?

This topic came up in the Cubasis 2 forum and was answered in the negative. So hopefully the answer in QB3 will be positive. The question is, can I use the continuous controller pedal on my Yamaha CP 4 to control the volume of a Cubasis 3 midi instrument for live playing? In other words, can I set a CB3 midi instrument for, say, strings set to MIDI Channel 2 and increase and decrease the volume of the strings bringing it in and out while playing live on the CP4 by using the continuous controller pedal on the CP 4 set to send MIDI CC messages out on Channel 2 (in CP4 master mode)? If so, I will take the plunge :wink:

Hi mercedesCP4,

Thank you for your message.
For now, there are no changes in regards to MIDI CC.

Best wishes,

Thanks for your response Lars. I will consider CB3 anyway, although for me this is a must have ability.

Thank you for your reply, MercedesCP4.