Can Cubase 10.5 Import M peg 4 Audio files?


I’m trying to edit some voicenotes, recorded on my Galaxy S10, using Cubase.

At present, whilst trying to import the audio, Cubase doesn’t appear to recognise the mp4 files. I find it a little strange as mp4s have been around for many years.

Short of converting the audio to mp3 or wavs - am I missing something here?

this is not a common audio format, but it is used from time to time

MP4 is a video file container that can contain audio files as well
mpeg4 audio files are named .m4a most of the time

and yes, the confusion with codecs and files is… at least confused

and I have to add… Cubase can import mp4

Hi, thanks for the reply.

So my phone records the voice notes as M-Peg 4 - Audio but these are, in fact video files that contain audio? And that is the reason Cubase can’t import them?

These files don’t come up as .m4a when I look at them through my PC - they come up as M-Peg 4 - Audio

Very confusing indeed.

how do you try to import? Pool?

I go into ‘File/Import Audio’ and then search for the audio file I wish to import.