Can Cubase 11 now do 125% and 150% scaling?

Despite all the discussion on 4k suport I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this question. In Cubase 10, the display scaling options were only 100% and 200% and were fixed based on Windows scale settings. Is there now an option to set Cubase scaling at 125% and 150%? And is it independent of Windows scaling?

I think 125% Windows scaling with 150% Cubase scaling would be ideal for me. But I’ve never been able to try it…



Yes :slight_smile:

it works fine on my 32’’ 4K Monitor. I use now 125% for recordings and 150% to edit tracks. No blur and other :slight_smile:

Great - thanks for the info!

If you guys from the HQ read this thread … make this scaling option available for mac users. The scaling as it is now is pretty small on a 5k display. I’m getting old you see :joy: