Can cubase 11 or 12 do a selection like this shown?

i’d like to be able to cut the tops of the waveform off (in instances of feedback mostly but unless i can isolate a frequency range perfectly, i can use this if it is possible. i tried searching for it but only general selection help was found. if there is a way to do this, what is the terminology or what is it called?

any ideas otherwise>?

Look into using Spectralayers for something like this. It’s included in the pro version of Cubase.

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You could also try an EQ to reduce the level of particular frequencies.

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Yes just use the drawing tool. You can do it in a larger context on the part and the project window, or you can get really technical and zoom in and the editor.

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oh. i just haven’t messed with the draw tool. I’ll try it.

i was having trouble with cutting and pasting even though i have done it before.
example… i want to extend a song by copying a lead break and repeating it right after the lead break again. (an insert if you will)
then i also want to overwrite a part of a song. i assume with a range selection.
i had copied a portion of a song today and wanted to insert it but instead of inserting after the cursor it copied the entire song again even though i just selected and copied a small part.
it seemed sorta crazy.
i forgot what I did before.
anyway, i was gonna mess with the draw tool but got side tracked by this!