Can Cubase 5.5 print to PDF??


I can print from Cubase 5.5 (Windows) with no problem.

But I can’t get a proper PRINT TO PDF. Can Cubase do it??

Here’s what I did:

  1. my file in Score editor.
  2. Then FILE>PRINT and then chose Adobe PDF as my printer.

Result: garbage. Notes are all completely squashed vertically–unreadable. Clef signs print out wierdly.

Am I doing something wrong?


Been a while since I used Windows, but I had success using Cute Pdf to print

That is what I use as well. Seems to work great, whether a small file or multiple pages.


Thank you for suggestions about CutePDF. I, too, have used it in the past. But I have Adobe Acrobat so I’m covered there. Yesterday when I printed out a score to my printer, it printed perfectly. But when I printed to Adobe PDF, I had all the problems and wierdness I described earlier.

Surely this can’t be a problem with Adobe Acrobat. Or can it??

Any suggestions??


Well that’s what it sounds like. Cubase sends the right data, since you can print to a different printer…

Thanks guys for the many suggestions. I’m going to check out about font embedding and if that doesn’t work then I’m going to try CuteFTP.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


sure thing.