Can Cubase automatically assign VSTs to the right tracks?

I just installed Elements 9.5 and opened an old project that was created in Cubase 7.
I used the Absynth 5 VST and mostly Kontakt 5 to create this track. Surprisingly Cubase assigned Absynth to the right track, which is good, but it didn’t work for the Kontakt tracks.

is there’s a chance, that it might do that for contact as well?

otherwise I’d have to do it manually, which could be difficult, depending on how precisely I named the tracks. I’d more or less have to guess the right instrument.

Or let me put it this way: It seems to recognize, that the tracks use Kontakt, but cant figure out the right instrument:


To me it looks like you don’t have Kontakt 5 installed. Or maybe it’s different Kontakt. Maybe you were using 32bit version before? Or you were using Kontakt Player and now you have the full version. Sorry, just guessing.

Thanks for the guess. :slight_smile:Maybe you were using 32bit version before?” is probably the problem. Unfortunately 9.5 doesnt support 32 bit VST anymore. But 9.5 was the oldest version I could install through the Steinberg Download assistant. So maybe I just have to get an older version somewhere else.

The other option would be: Assigning the right instruments to the tracks from the 64 bit Kontakt. But as mentioned: Some of them are just called “Drums”, so there wouuld be a lot of guessing involved. Or ist there a way to get more background info on the instrument the track used …?


I sent you Cubase Pro 8.5 (the last 32-bit Cubase) installer via PM.

I would probably open the project there and find out the patches/sounds names and write them down. Then I would open the project in the latest Cubase version you have (probably 9.5) and replace old Kontakts with the new one and load the sounds.