Can Cubase do this, or am I an idiot?

I miss my Opcode StudioVision
Can Opcode do live arpeggio stuff like this? I have looked but not sure.

Cubase has a MIDI arpeggiator, called Arpache, in the MIDI inserts.
HALion has some very good arpeggiator capabilities.

Yes, there are two, Arpache 5 and the more complex Arpache SX. These haven’t changed much over the years so there are plenty of tutorials on YT going back as far as (I think) Cubase 6 which are still relevant.

PS Love the TX81Z clip! Thoses were the days, when gear was really gear :slight_smile:

I have Elements, so no midi inserts for me it appears

There are several MIDI arpegiators VSTi’s out there … you could try CodeFN42’s RandARP for example – in the FAQ section it explains how to route MIDI to/from it when you have it loaded in Cubase. Another one is BlueARP.

So I can install 3rd party stuff in Elements?
I did not know that.

Yes. And while on the subject, you at the very least go get Kontakt Player and Reaktor Player, free on the Native Instruments website. Don’t clutter your system with every freebie you find but there are a few must-haves.

Yes, even Elements can run up to 24 (I think) VST instruments. You’ll need the 64-bit versions of them.

Simple is my plan. I forgot to mention, but my setup is a zero latency midi only thing, no softsynths. I couldn’t use them anyhow as my soundcard is the stock integrated garbage Dell was using in 2016.

But some neat midi effectors will cure what ails me. Things like this

are what I’m used to

Or you can buy a copy of ComputerMusic magasin and get a hole bunch of 3-party VSTi’s and VSTfx’s for free to load into Cubase!

VST instruments can also output MIDI, and the arps I suggested are MIDI-only, so you could route the MIDI from the VSTi to a track whose output in turn is your hardware synth.

I have RandArp in there now, I messed around with it on Sunday. It workes very well, I like it. I am getting Bluearp tonight, looks like it does more stuff.