Can cubase figure Out Best Chord placement in Chord Track

Make a Chord Track in Bb
1 -ii - iii -iv-v

Drag in a Midi loop [68Mod-Chorus A - E.Piano] in A minor

Sounds bad ,of course - Midi loop won’t match Bb Chord Track

So have the Instrument track with the Loop - FOLLOW the Chord Track

Sounds much better .

However the Chord Track had Dmin originally placed at Bar 2.25 and it sounds not good [1]

I can drag the Dmin to Bar 2.50 and it sounds much better [2]

Is there any way in Cubase for the Program itself - to figure out that the
Chord track or the loop data - should be auto-amended and move Dminor from 2.5 to bar 2.75 - without me
Listening to the tracks and hand dragging the Dminor In the Chord Track or adjusting the midi info in the lower zone ?