Can Cubase save main outs/control room with FX permanently?

I’ve implemented a plugin that mutes the output if audio exceeds a certain threshold (coming from Reaper this was built-in to the program). I want to set this plugin as a default insert in the MAINS out of every project. Can Control Room be used for this purpose? Any way to make a “default” mains out for all future projects?

Not sure if control room can do it but going forward you can do it by creating a new project with whatever plug ins you want assigned to whatever tracks you want then save that as a new template (File>Save As Template). Use that template every time you start a new project and those plug ins will be there. To save time you can save an existing project as a new template but you have to be careful not to mistakenly trash audio files that might be associated with the project. So tread carefully if you create the new template that way.

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Thanks - might as well stick to templates if that’s the only way.