can Dorico do these things?

I was asked by a client to do several adjustments to my sheet (Cosmetic changes) and I would like to know if Dorico is capable of doing that (it’s really important to them so it becomes acceptable)

for example:

  1. changing stem directions of individual notes (IIRC it can, I’m not 100% as I do believe I can’t test it atm) just so it looks nicer as sometimes even though the stem are at the right direction, I need to move voice up or down, and change the other voice directions so they don’t “collide”… so moving voices up or down also possible?

  2. when repeat marker starts after a system break, they request double thin barline at the previous “line” that means it’s thin-thin- Thick- thin (and two dots) I actually just opened up Dorico and wasn’t able to find this option. Maybe because they share the same barline? I know this is the standard and their request makes sense

  3. this is not as important actually but making a note split in the middle of the beat on special occasion (or overriding the setting to always split it by making it not split on a special occasion) vice versa that is

    thanks for your support friends
    best regards

btw this is one of the instances where client asked to flip voices as well… can what he demonstrated be achieved with Dorico? pic attached

  1. yes, just type “F.”

  2. 99% yes, only because I’m not 100% sure what you mean.

For 2/ I think you want this:

(1) If the F (flip) option works in Elements, you can do this already.
(2) is an option in engraving rules, so definitely possible in Pro, but I guess not in Elements.
(3) Do U (untie) T (tie) and O (force duration) work in Elements? Again, this is easy in Pro. If you want to split up a long note, put the note entry cursor at the split point and press U. Then select the first note and press O (to fix its duration) and T (to tie it to the second note). Combining tied notes into a single note is similar.

(Note, I don’t have elements to check exactly what it can and can’t do).

Rob, I think chummy’s talking about Dorico Pro here, not Elements. See

Yes, in Pro.

Right click and do Voices / Swap Voices to swap the voices, then two clicks in the Properties panel to flip the tie to match your picture.

Sure, but I don’t know how limited Elements is. Maybe he can do some of these things already in Elements but (understandably, from other posts about upgrading) has lost the motivation to find out.

First off thank you very useful comments I honestly didn’t know about the hotkeys , and very nice find of the barline setting in Engrave Mode.
and Yes I’m in the process of upgrading to Pro, hopefully Daniel gets back to me soon with a solution, I’m positive with Steinberg Support who has yet to let me down so I have my hopes up.
and I’m going to save this thread so when I (with fingers crossed ASAP) am able to upgrade I’m gonna try all of these hints above
Thank you very much guys and girls