Can Dorico offer Piano Samples from Yamaha, its ultimate owner?

Hello! I’m a jazz piano student trying Dorico on both my Windows laptop and my Ipad for the first time. I use the Yamaha DGX660 portable grand digital piano and love the samples but I am underwhelmed by the playback on Dorico based on midi files transferred from my instrument. Since Yamaha owns Steinberg who offer the Dorico product is there anyway to try to replicate the sounds I produce on my Yamaha keyboard when the music is transferred to Dorico for notation and sharing of the music?

Many thanks!


If nothing else, you could route the midi data back to your keyboard so that your keyboard could play the midi output from Dorico directly, rather than having Dorico use a VST to do it.

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Dorico already offers a Yamaha piano sound: “Yamaha S90ES piano” in HALion Sonic SE. Check to see if it’s selected.

@Romanos401 thanks for this reminder that my purpose for using Dorico is to correct & tidy the performance and then notate it. Sending the cleaned up file to the instrument to play, save and share the performance using my favourite sounds is a good final step. Many thanks! Richard

Thanks @bobk I’ll look into that!