Can Dorico work on Tablet? also, Advice

Might be an obvious question for some, but I’m interested.
Whether Dorico 4 Pro can work on a Tablet such as an iPad or a Windows/Android system?
Can Cubase 9 Pro also be operated on a tablet?

And while I’m at it, I’m considering replacing my large (and heavy) library of physical sheet music scores and books in favor of a tablet… as a teacher it would be easier to navigate, find sheet , easy to carry and eco friendly. Do you guys have any recommendations for a tablet that’d do well? I am looking to explore more apps for music teachers and musicians!

I never used an Apple product and have always had Windows / Android PCs and Phones but I would consider any recommendation… Since some musicians swear by iPads as being the best and nothing comes close… tbh in the world of tablets I’m pretty ignorant so I’d appreciate any input gladly! thanks guys :slight_smile:

Cubasis and Dorico for iPad are worth investigating.

Dorico works on Windows. The Dorico on iPad has some limitations compared to the Pro version for Windows/Mac, but might suit your needs.

From my experience, iOS has a better breadth of quality apps for musicians, so if in the future you are looking for a music app that will do something in particular, you are more likely to find it at the iOS App Store. (I have both Android and iOS.)

Here are a few links to research
For your PDF collection of sheet music, publications, chords, fake books etc.
(Various platforms—iOS, Android, Windows)

iGigbook has indexes already created, so you can scan your PDFs from your published Real Books or various publications (obviously keep them in page order :slight_smile: ) and import its index without having to do this manually.

If you want to use an iPad as a recording program like ProTools…

various audio interfaces can be used, they have a list.

To page turn using a pedal (or similar), will work with many apps, I think they have a list:

iPad has Apple’s Garageband for free which might be useful for recording, sequencing, drum loops, midi etc. if this is what you do :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, if you are classical:
Henle Verlag have their own app, purchase the editions you require, some have options for fingering suggestions from various editors, annotate etc.

It is worth saying, the best size for your tablet might relate to the instrument(s) you play and where you position your music stand (tuba, violin can mean the music stand is further away compared to a pianist, flute for example) or if you do gigs, if you move around as you play/solo (guitarist, sax etc.).

There are e-ink tablets if you do outside gigs, example:

I would go with one of the 12.9 inch iPad Pros and the iGigBook app which to me is the best app for managing scores and books, nothing else comes close.

I agree with the choice for a 12.9" iPad Pro. It has served me well for several years. The choice of app depends a bit on your focus. I use ForScore and find it to be excellent.


Of course your choice of app depends on what you do. In my case as a professional bassist I
often need to work with items from real books, fake books, classical scores, and chord charts. iGigBook covers all of that in a single app. I’ve used forScore, it looks great but for quick access to a song nothing beats iGigBook. Use what works for you.

To come out in favor of Windows here, a Surface Pro and Dorico 4 should be a very productive combination, as soon as the inconsistent touch issues are ironed out. The team knows about this…
I use Drawboard PDF for sheet music with a pen, btw, it’s pretty cool!


P.S.: And Windows 11 should be able to run Android apps pretty soon as well!


I use Dorico on the iPad, a Mac Pro, Win 10 and a Windows laptop with touch screen. The iPad is great - I have the big 12.9, I use it there all the time and it’s as useful as the desktop. Advantage of course is the platform but it is a small screen, and a limited sample library.

I’m most productive on a desktop - Mac or Win, doesn’t matter but I prefer Windows these days. I use the iPad when traveling (not much nowadays) or just when needing to get away from the desk. A new version of the iPad should be coming out which enables more 4 features that had been hidden. The touch laptop isn’t as useful as it might seem, the touch interface isn’t as ergo as the iPad (it has a fixed orientation to the keyboard.) But also my laptop is a powerhouse for 3D art/development with a 3070 GPU, so it eats power.

What would be neat is if there were an iPad version of VEP, such that we could get full sample libraries streaming from our computers.

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Interesting insight about the laptop - tablet 2 in 1. I didn’t know the touch interface is bad on those.
I do agree though I’m too most productive on a desktop PC rather than any other platform… So I guess I wouldn’t need an iPad for Dorico then, but for other stuff it does seem useful to have in a musicians’ life… will research further

Unfortunately, touch on Windows is basically broken. Daniel promised to get to the bottom of the issue, however, and I’ve reason to trust him getting it done.
But as it stands, it’s useless…


I have an older Surface Pro 4, Dorico works just fine. Have a big 34" external screen connected and inexpensive small dedicated sound card (Focusrite Scarlett Solo) which greatly enhance the usability. I am not using the touch screen features. The surface pro is a bit expensive and battery life is not impressive, for portability honestlyh I’d recommend a small laptop.

Not a fan of iPad, this whole ‘buttonless’ Apple thing is lost on me but to each their own.