Can Drumgan generate new sounds from my own samples? Or it's only the Steinberg sounds?

Can Drumgan generate new sounds from my own samples library.

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DrumGAN resynthesis can be used with any sample loaded into Backbone, it’s not limited to Steinberg’s stock content.

The generated sound will take the characteristics of your sample into account. Using the Variation controls, you can generate anything from different mic/speaker positions, to round-robin samples, to whole new sounds that only vaguely resemble the original drum.

On top of that, you can still use the rest of Backbone’s original resynthesis features to further shape the generated sample to your liking.

You can check out the manual if you would like to read more about the DrumGAN feature:

I’d like to ask same question,
basically can we re-train the Generative Adversarial Network using own sample library? Previous version of Sony CSL allowed that via code on GitHub, but I imagine the new version of DrumGAN is more proprietary to Steinberg.