Can Dynamics Mapping Be Copied from One Track to Another?

In my mockups of full, modern symphony orchestras, I make significant use of Cubase Pro’s Dynamics Mapping feature. My goal for each instrument/track – many from different libraries with different ways of controlling volume, attack, etc. – is to ideally be able to set every single fader at “0.0”, and completely control dynamics (and when related, articulation) by using standing dynamics markings pppp through ffff, plus < and > in the articulation lane of each MIDI track. (Clearly, there are times when direct editing of controllers or velocity is called for, but that’s not relevant for this question). The fact that Cubase Dynamics Maps allow each dynamic marking such as “mf” to modify not only velocity, but two other controllers as well, makes this a profoundly powerful feature, once you figure out how to use it fully.

Cubase allows (requires) you to set up a dynamics map for each individual MIDI track. There does not appear to be a “save to preset”, or “copy dynamic map” from one track to another. But on huge mockups like mine, being able to copy a dynamics map from, say a track using EWQL’s Symphonic Orchestra “Oboe” to another track the same library’s “English Horn” is very important, especially when making massive changes.

So here’s the question: Does Cubase 8.5 have a way of copying a dynamics map from one track to another? Even a hack will do (such as manually editing some behind the scenes XML, if any).

Won’t using ‘Duplicate Track’ work?