Can H4 edit or create FlexPhrases?

I looked in the manual for H4 regarding FlexPhrases and it does not appear that you can create your own FlexPhrases or get into and edit the supplied ones. It is a neat concept but I wonder if there are more “Phrases” available anywhere or how can you create your own?

Did you look at the edit page for patches with flexphrases?

oh, nevermind … you mean the phrases that drive the flexphraser. I’ve never tried. Good question.

Yes. There are some good choices for the “Phrase” in there but imagine how awesome it would be if you could literally create your own phrase. For example, “Travis Picking”. You know how with Kontakt, you can create your own look (like the “Macro” pages in the HALion Line) and write scripts for phrasing, controls, etc.? That would be awesome if H4 could do stuff like that.
I am still digging into it but so far, it doesn’t appear to have this kind a capability.
I wonder if there is an SDK for H4? How do the VST Sound Set designers create the Macro pages?