Can hairpin start in middle of note value?

I need a hairpin to start 1 quarter after the start of a halve note, so not at the start of the note. How would I do this? In the screenshot, the cello and bass should have the same dynamic as the other strings.
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.30.32.png

Select one of the existing hairpins and Alt-click on the third beat in the cello and bass system.

In other cases where there’s no existing dynamic you could copy:
Advance the caret to the position where you want the hairpin to start, summon the dynamics popover, enter < or > or whatever you need, press enter, advance the caret to the position where you want the hairpin to end, press escape.
Hope it helps!

Thanks, but this doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens when I do this.

In 1.1 you can simply drag the starting point.

Ah yes, in engrave mode. Thanks for reminding me.

That’s strange. It works perfectly over here.
In case you were waiting for it to appear immediately after closing the popover: the hairpin won’t show before you move the caret one step ahead. I guess that’s because it needs a duration and not just a starting point.

Yes, I was expecting that, but it still doesn’t work. I adjusted it in Engrave mode which works easier.

You may have to type a question mark, rather than hit Escape, to end the hairpin and make it appear

I was actually referring to write mode, but turns out it’s not as simple as I thought it would be. Dragging the starting point in write mode only snaps to notes, and not to rhythmical positions as I thought. (I wonder why…?)

However, you can use Cmd+alt+arrow to move the starting point, and cmd+shift+alt+arrow to move the endpoint.
Have a look at this:

You can also move adjust it visually in Engrave mode, but that won’t affect playback.

Thanks this works great. So many new keyboard shortcuts to learn… Maybe Steinberg could create an keyboard overlay :wink:

Yes indeed, sorry about the wrong info. I developed the habit of using escape or enter instead (which works, but is probably not what was intended by the developers: this simply deactivates the caret) because for some reason Dorico refuses to accept ? with my keyboard layout.

Though it’s not my business, I’m curious: why did the hairpin not appear for Andre at all? Andre, did you use space or right arrow to advance the caret?

I used the right arrow.

Ah that’s it then. Try space! :wink:

The difference is that space advances the hairpin by the selected note value, whereas the right arrow advances it (invisibly) by the current grid …

Will do next time I am behind Dorico. I am using Dorico only for my own projects right now untill I am fast enough, before switching to it completely. Right now I am adjusting a score for a client in Sibelius :nerd: , it does keep my mind flixeble using more notation programs, that’s for sure :smiley:

But why does the right arrow not work for defining the length of the hairpin?
It would be good to have a choice between lengthening it by the selected note value or in smaller steps by the current grid, wouldn’t it?

Right arrow does work, you just have to watch the grid as the hairpin itself won’t draw until you hit ‘?’ or invoke the popover again…

In terms of functionality this is the same as advancing it with the spacebar, having first selected a small note value - you see the hairpin grow all the time - and can end it with ESCape.

  • When the hairpin is selected: It will if you use cmd+shift+alt+arrow.
  • When you’re in note input mode:

This doesn’t work here—the computer beeps and nothing happens. Also, alt+shift+arrow seems to be moving the end of the hairpin by the rhythmic grid amount, whereas alt+arrow moves the whole hairpin to the neighboring note, skipping rests.

Is this intended?

I cannot seem to find nudge options, to check the shortcut mappings, in the Preferences.

And just to add to the discussion, in note input, you can also just type < or > (shift+comma or shift+dot) to start the hairpin, then advance the cursor, then type ?—works nicely!