Can HALion 6 work in Ableton

So before buying HALion 6 I did a little bit of research and one of the moderators(romantique or something)responded to a thread on here that HALion will work with any 64 bit daw that supports Vst, great!

Well it turns out after buying and installing i’ve only got a Vst3 version on my Mac, can’t use this in Ableton, there’s got to be a way be able to use it in Ableton otherwise I have no use for it.

Anyone know how to make it work?

so I just enabled audio units in Ableton after somebody mentioned it and now shows up and works perfectly!

After installing Halion 6 on Windows 10 (64 bit), it appears only the VST3 version is installed.
Anyone knows how I can install the VST2 version to use with Ableton Live on Windows 10?

I finally found the location of the (64 bit) VST2 dll on Windows 10. It’s installed in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\VST\HALion 6.

Does anyone know how to add plugin parameters in Ableton, such as Out busses from the Mixer section in a multitimbral situation?

EDIT: Ah, got it. In Ableton, select the HALion track and on the device panel, click Configure. Open HALion and then, right-click on a knob or slider and select “Assign to New Automation” and that parameter will show up on the device panel in Ableton, ready for automation. I’ve been struggling to find a good workflow for mixing my multitimbral HALion instruments in Ableton, but this might pave the way for easier workflow. (My previous method of adding External Instrument in Ableton, then routing that to each instrument in HALion, was a messy and (for me) unreliable solution.)