Can Halion be a multitimbral single source instrument in VEP? (using Cubase 10)

I’m needing suggestions, etc. on how Halion can be used as a multitimbral single instrument in an instance of VEP.

  • should an instance of VEP be set as a ‘Track’ or a ‘Rack’ instrument in Cubase?

  • is it possible to have a VEP instance set as a ‘Track’ instrument in order to have the return Audio from Halion kept within the same track Inspector? Possible somehow?

  • any good tutorials on using Halion as a multitimbral source in VEP?
    Very hard to find any information on this!

OK…I think I figured this out myself…all is working well now.

I did use a ‘Rack’ instance of VEP to host my Halion multitimbral unit.

Had to get used to having MIDI 2 (going from Cubase into VEP) changed to MIDI 3 going into VEP/Halion, in order to use a separate audio out 3/4 from VEP/Halion back into Cubase again.

Anyways…first big project using some Halion instruments. Some great instruments and sounds in there for sure!