Can Halion Sonic SE import other sample formats (giga)?

The information regarding this is vague. I’m an expert internet search geek and I couldn’t find the answer to this. It looks like the full version, Halion Sonic will import many formats but even that rather cloaked in obscurity.

Question: Will Halion Sonic SE import Gigastudio format samples?

Question: Will Halion Sonic import Gigastudio format samples?

It would be nice if somewhere on the Steinberg website they showed a comparison between these two products.

Aloha Timmmy,

I sure with all your searching you have come across this page that give a lil blurb
about all the included C6 FX plugs and VSTi’s:

IMHO if HASE could import audio samples, they would have said that somewhere in the blurb.
(they do mention importing MIDI files)

I believe they gave us HAse to not only enhance the existing HAO but also to ‘tease’ us
into buying the full HASonic.


Aloha curteye

That is the problem I am having now, to buy or not to buy HASE!

Cubase artist is so cheap on it’s own but HASonic is priced well too and I did love Hypersonic.

Does anyone know if any of the sounds from Hypersonic made it into HASonic?