Can hear guitar even though project has no tracks [UR44]

I hope its not something completely obvious I have overlooked.
I just reactivated Cubase 9.5 on a new computer and with that I installed the driver for my UR44 interface, however, now whenever my guitar is plugged in i can hear it through the interface even when i dont want to
Whenever i record something with a vst for effects such as the VST Amp Rack not only do i hear the vst sound but also my clean guitar.
I hope somebody can look into it.

Now obviously you are monitoring via your interface.

Thankyou, but how can i change that.
It’s the first time it has happened and i’ve had cubase on 2 other computers before.

I donˋt use a UR 44 so I donˋt know. But Certainly it clmes with a manaual…?!

Thankyou i found out how

There are people who post there solution here, so it might help others one day…
Bur of course you don´t have to… :unamused:

I just downloaded TOOLS for UR44 and i guess all the updates and stuff somehow fixed it