Can HSSE play patches created in H4?

Just wondering if some kind H4 owner can answer this please:

If I create a patch (program?) in HALion 4 from scratch using my own samples, then save it, can I subsequently send that file to a colleague for him to be able to play the sound using only HALion Sonic SE within Cubase 6? (no H4 available)

Part of the answer is here but it’s still not clear whether HSSE can play patches created in H4 from scratch.

OK I’ll explain why this is important: HSSE is now available across the entire Steinberg sequencer family (including Sequel) so this means e.g.

– a trainer could create a soundbank in H4 (using only basic features that HSSE can play back) and distribute it amongst students so they can all work from the same material.

– a Cubase 6 user could use Cubase Elements 6 to work on an arrangement using a laptop without risking the Steinberg Key on the road. With version 6, Steinberg already very sensibly abolished the artifical restrictions on project file compatibility between editions (you can now open a C6 file in CE6), so the company is certainly aware that this compatibility is important to users.

– internet collaboration is made much easier because you only need to exchange the (bandwidth-hungry) sample bank once, then just email the project files around as work develops.

– a community would quickly establish for the exchange of self-produced sounds which HSSE (i.e. all Steinberg sequencer) users could benefit from.

At the moment, H4’s main competitor product requires the full version in order to play even unprotected sample banks created by other users, and the “free” player will timeout after 15 minutes in demo mode. Now, seeing as there’s no “free” stand-alone version of HSSE, but every current-version Steinberg sequencer user has it already, it would IMHO be a massive (sic) advantage for HALion 4 if self-created sounds could be played by lesser versions.

Clearly I don’t expect that sounds based on advanced features like the synthesis section of H4 would be playable in HSSE, but surely simple sample playback is possible? Again, I’m only talking about soundbanks created from one’s own samples using H4.

Please will someone from Steinberg respond as it will influence my decision on whether to crossgrade or not – can HSSE load and play back self-produced sample banks created in H4?