Can I Activate my C12Pro in Dual Boot with the same hardware?

Hello, I work in 2 different environments that I try to keep seperated.
One is audio production and the other is video.
Can I activate C12pro on both Windows Os ?
Same pc with the same hardware using a partition.?

I was using c12 pro for music and c13 elements for audio/video editing. Just until Mp4 60fsp came up. Apparently only the pro versions support 60fsp.

You can activate your license on up to three different computers.

As Juergen said, yes.
I use a Dual Boot Windows setup as well, and also use a MacBook Pro and everything works well.

Thank you so much for the info Juergen!

Hey Paul that’s awesome.
I use c12 pro on a windows 10 amd
And c13 element on a mac mini m2pro
If I only knew lol :slight_smile: