Can I activate wavelab 11.1 on my cubase 11 dongle?

I have cubase 11 working with an elicenser dongle and also cubase 12 working without a dongle .
Now I bought wavelab 11.1 which also works without dongle and which - like cubase 12, is visibly activated in the Steinberg Activation Manager window they work without a problem via the new licensing method.
Maybe a strange question, but do I now also have the option to activate wavelab 11.1 not only without a dongle, but also within my cubase 11 dongle, after which I can also use wavelab without an internet connection?

If you have upgraded to WL 11.1, it will run with only the USB-eLicenser, you do not need to use one of your 3 activations via Steinberg Licensing.


If your license looks like this, then all you need to run WL 11.1 is the USB-eLicenser.

You could also unplug the USB-eLicenser, but then you would have to activate a license via Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) on that computer.

[EDIT:] Perhaps I misunderstood your question. I assumed you already had WL 11.1 on a USB-eLicenser. If you only just bought WL 11.1 for the first time, then no, you can’t transfer it to the USB-eLicenser.

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As @MrSoundman says, new WaveLab 11.1 purchases are now on Steinberg Licensing. Only those updating a pre-version 11 licence to WaveLab 11.1 or migrating a WaveLab 11 licence bought before the WaveLab 11.1 release will have an eLicenser licence for WaveLab 11.

However, I don’t see why you believe this is a problem. Steinberg Licensing only needs an Internet connection for activation. Once a system is activated it stays activated unless there is a hardware change or you reformat your system drive; there is no need for an Internet connection.

Steinberg dropped their proposal that systems must go online every 30 days for an activation refresh following customer feedback.

Yeah I just bought Pro before the sale ends tomorrow, everything here used the new Activation Manager.

Does this mean we can get rid of the eLicenser stuff now?? My 11.1 Elements license is still there but was upgraded to the new system, my Pro license was brand new and went straight there, and I dont see myself needing to go back to Cubase 11 anytime soon…

If you no longer need eLicenser for the versions you are now using, then you can simply unplug any USB eLicensers and forget about the whole eLicenser system.

I have a way still to go to be eLicenser free, but it is coming. Spectralayers 9 will be released on Wednesday, which will allow me to get Spectralayers Pro onto Steinberg Licensing. That still leaves VST Connect Pro, the DNxHD video plugin, Absolute and various content packs on eLicenser.