Can I add 1.5 content after I have installed 1.5.2 update?

Hi, first of all, I am very happy with HalionSonic. It has become my no.1 VI, more so than Kontakt or Goliath or whatever.

However, I upgraded to 1.5.2 a while back, skipping the 1.5 content upgrade. Can I still add the content without compromising 1.5.2’s operability?

I got this from Steinberg USA:

I would suggest uninstalling Halion Sonic, then reinstall and do the updates in order. Thank you.

For real? Hope somebody from HQ can chime in. It would not be the first time USA support gave me erroneous info.


I see there is a 1.6 upgrade available for HS. I am on 1.5.2 and figure I’m good to go, but since the download page says you have to have the 1.5 content update installed, I figure I double-check first. Thanks.

Hi Zeph,

Sorry for the late reply. You can just install the content patcher and then the 1.6 update.

Thanks for your reply, Matthias.